Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2nd 2009

Amile, Nate, Lee

This is the 3rd day that I have been here in Glen Allan working on the film as the script supervisor. This month will be my second opportunity to spend any amount of time in the MS Delta. The Delta, especially Glen Allan, is such a culturally rich and hospitable area of the south and Mississippi specifically. Even though I'm from a small town in Northeastern MS, being in the Delta still feels like an exciting and exotic place, and oddly enough, I couldn't feel more at home. The people of this small community are extremely hospitable, and I look forward to the opportunities when I get to interact with these wonderful people. The Kountry Market has been a wonderful eating place for the crew. The employees are so friendly and the food is REAL, good food made the good ole southern way. The first day I walked in for breakfast, I looked for a breakfast menu but couldn't find one. I asked, "what do y'all have for breakfast?" With a smile the cook replied, "what ever you want?" I wanted a sausage biscuit and a couple of scrambled eggs. Both were delicous!

Until we set up our official production office this weekend, we have been using the Delta Grind coffee shop in Greenville as our make shift production office. The staff has graciously let us work from their shop. Their Strawberry Bomb smoothie is amazing by the way!

Today, the production team has been working diligently to sort out all the little details that are needed to produce a film, and to get everything in order to begin production on Monday. Its going to be very exciting to see this wonderful film develop and come to realization.

--Michael Williams (Script supervisor)

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