Friday, April 30, 2010

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Hello all you great fans and actors and friends and persons who have been associated with the Dynamiter- at last we update.

My name is Matt Gordon and I am still the director and one of the producers of the film. It is an honor to write to you all now.

How are you all?
pls blog and update us on your whereabouts...

We are at this very moment editing our rough cut into a fine cut in new york city new york with an oscar award winning editor named Emily Paine and our fearless editor Brando Boyd( aka double b) from kentucky. Our film- i can say- is really a bad-ass little darlin that we can all be very proud of.

Following the edit phase which will wrap up over the next weeks- there will be finalizing the sound mix and music, colorizing of the film, and any additional tweaks to put this baby into a theatre so we can all watch.

All this process will take at least 2 more months but it will be done!wow i can say what a ride

for now i just wanna say thank you. thank you to all and everybody who was there from day 1 for 10 minutes or for the whole shoot and ride... no matter. we are doing it and we are doing it together til the end.

I am so proud to be a part of our film.

as the shepherd- i will bring her home now.

you will all be delighted i have a strong feeling

big hug to all and talk to ya soon
keep an eye on the blog for more updates ahead

matt g