Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The lack of updates should actually be a good indicator of just how busy we've been.  Braving the heat and the bugs, the Dynamiter continues.  Those who have seen the footage are big fans.  The editor has been working as tirelessly as the production crew to assemble a rough cut and a trailer.  

As of last night approximately 78 of the 98 pages in the script had been filmed.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

catching up...

sorry guys. it has been awhile since we have updated this thing. we have been working 12-16 hour days for the past week! no time to update. but, not to worry...i have been taking pictures of everything.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

As we celebrate the third day of filming, we're also celebrating the birthday of our Director of Photography and our leading man!! Party tonight to celebrate!

The decision to shoot on the Red was absolutely worth it. The footage we are getting from the 4K chip is simply beautiful. Today we have been filming at Cooper's Pit Stop with our #1 Glen Allan contact playing Mr. Cooper. Mike Jones has never acted a day in his life, but was born knowing how to put on a good show. His portrayal of Cooper is dead on!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cameras rolling

Principal photography began today at 8:30 at First Baptist Church, Glen Allan.  The footage is looking beautiful  Special thanks to the church and Roy's Store for providing shooting locations.  Photos to come soon!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

countdown to production.

yesterday was our huge kick off party at "bait and thangs". the 4th of july was amazing this year! mike jones outdid himself yet again. we're talking live music, food, beer, fireworks, airboat swamp tours, cornhole, handgrabbing (fishing with your bare hangs), etc...the list could go on and on. we even ventured into the city and visited "spectators" a bar witch completely blew my mind! let's just say there was a good mix of culture there. i even got to witness a few fights! the south knows how to party. i feel like i need to make a rodeo comparison... we have also been interacting with some of the local wildlife! i've only been here for a few weeks, but i feel like i have lived here forever. everyday i take part in some local activities that completely change my life! things are a little bit different down here. it is an experience everyone should live at least once in there life. tomorow starts production and there is no telling what will happen. im looking forward to the next three weeks! -derk

Friday, July 3, 2009

The crew has grown since you were last updated!  Here is the current list

Amile Wilson Producer
Nate Tuck Producer
Matthew Gordon Director
Lee Blaylock 1AD
Kate Brewster Assoc. Producer
Ryan Jackson Production Assistant
Kelly Truax Production Assistant
Debra Toth Production Assistant
Michael Wiliams Script Supervisor
Jeff Waldron Cinematographer
Brian Burgoyne Camera Operator
Mark Legaspi 1AC
Dan Zapata 2AC/DIT
Timothy Gillis Gaffer
Derek Gabbert Best Boy
Armando Ballesteros Key Grip
Matthew Meccia Grip/Best Boy
Doc Davis Audio Engineer
Mike Scherschel Production Designer
Mariah Mills Props Master
Casey Heflin Costume/Makeup
Shareen Chehade Costume
Jillian Erickson Makeup
Gloria Gonnillini Production Assistant
Brad Ingelsby Writer
Josh Noyes Editor
Ryan Jackson, PA, helps paint "Robbie's House"

Our wonderful production designer Michael Scherschal puts a coat of glue on the walls.  This is a design trick to create paint cracking.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2nd 2009

Amile, Nate, Lee

This is the 3rd day that I have been here in Glen Allan working on the film as the script supervisor. This month will be my second opportunity to spend any amount of time in the MS Delta. The Delta, especially Glen Allan, is such a culturally rich and hospitable area of the south and Mississippi specifically. Even though I'm from a small town in Northeastern MS, being in the Delta still feels like an exciting and exotic place, and oddly enough, I couldn't feel more at home. The people of this small community are extremely hospitable, and I look forward to the opportunities when I get to interact with these wonderful people. The Kountry Market has been a wonderful eating place for the crew. The employees are so friendly and the food is REAL, good food made the good ole southern way. The first day I walked in for breakfast, I looked for a breakfast menu but couldn't find one. I asked, "what do y'all have for breakfast?" With a smile the cook replied, "what ever you want?" I wanted a sausage biscuit and a couple of scrambled eggs. Both were delicous!

Until we set up our official production office this weekend, we have been using the Delta Grind coffee shop in Greenville as our make shift production office. The staff has graciously let us work from their shop. Their Strawberry Bomb smoothie is amazing by the way!

Today, the production team has been working diligently to sort out all the little details that are needed to produce a film, and to get everything in order to begin production on Monday. Its going to be very exciting to see this wonderful film develop and come to realization.

--Michael Williams (Script supervisor)