Tuesday, June 30, 2009

times they are a changing.

wow. a lot has happened since the last update. for starters, i (derk) celebrated my birthday. i guess i'm in my late 20's now? anyway, that's what someone told me... the bourbon mall was amazing! there is nothing like ribs, shrimp, steak, and bourbon of course. also, matt's mother graced us with her presence for a few days as we get settled in our new place. we are officially in glen allen now! jackson is a thing of the past...well at least for the next 3 weeks. the editor will hold the fort down for us. everything seems to be changing by the day. new cast and crew are stepping on board and arriving everyday. the script and locations are locked and are being prepped for the start of production on monday. the art department is busy getting robbie's house ready to go. lots of paint, sweat and wasps! i had the honor of getting stung by one of these guys scouting for furniture. matt and jeff are finalizing the shooting schedule and figuring out where they want the camera. amile is loosing his mind (and breaking things) trying to make sure everything is running smoothly. he finally has a few extra bodies now helping him with producing. we have a million things to do in a very short amount of time. it is definitely down to the wire. but, with everyone being so talented in their field, this thing is going to be a success. lets keep our fingers crossed! -derk

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